"Oh god oh god
I dont want to let go of you again
yet both of us feel empty together
I love you so much and id do anything for you i dont want to go through allvof this again it took me so long to climb back up and in a matter of a day i managed to sink and make it all the way down
i am a building collapsing on itself
i want the earth to swallow me whole
all the heartbreak, its what has made me who i am and i dont know how to let this go how to let you go
I fucking love you with all i have
i love you i love you and i cant take it
I love you but im not in love with you
and thats probably what makes this a little worse
i failed once again, i fucking failed
and the saddest part is that we both tried
Is that we both felt we owed to eachother and failed
There is absolutely nothing left to say and that hurts
i am so scared, i really want to believe that we might have a future when the time is right and we’re better for each other but im so scared id die at the image of you loving someone else and truly knowing how you felt about them
That breaks me i cant bear this"
- all i ever wanted was to be with you (via zo0oey)